Friday, August 8, 2008

I Wish I Was Competent

Sometimes when I am running around seeing patients with all sorts of medical problems I sometimes find myself stopping and thinking, "Man I wish there were more state or federal laws that I could follow". I love OSHA, HIPAA and JCAHO but there has got be some new regulations out there that could be passed to make this job just a little bit harder. Right now it's almost too easy. Oh, sure I put tremendous hours in and risk a lawsuit every time I walk into an exam room, but I do have some extra minutes at the end of the day that I could take away from seeing my family. Thank goodness there are others out there that feel the same way. More and more states are mandating "culturally competent" healthcare according to a recent article in the Boston Globe. Hooray! There is nothing more reaffirming than government imposed requirements on my education. I just love it. With more and more cultures coming to our country, the number of courses forced upon me will be basically endless. Goodbye personal life. Hello cultural competency. Wait a minute, I think some cultures do not understand sarcasm and are offended by it. Sorry. I will look into finding a course on that.

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Chris McEvoy said...

Of course, this is itself is a form of racism. Look at the situation out here in Hawaii. When I see someone named Chang - well, we're probably related, because that's my wife's name. Still, how do I treat them? Do I use my "Chinese Cultural Values Set"? Or are they local, and I use the "Local Values"? Then again, maybe they're from California, and I need to switch to "Basic Mainland Interaction"? I'm Irish, and it's bad manners in Ireland to brag about your children. So, should my doctor expect me to brag about my daughter because I'm American, or not brag about her because I'm Irish? Doesn't cultural compentency AS TAUGHT suggest that everyone of a certain ethnic background will respond the same way? Isn't that racist?