Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Healthier Generation

Here is some nice news - less than 10 percent of US high school students are eating the combined recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. The CDC report, based on 2007 data, found that only 13 percent of US high school students get at least three servings of vegetables a day and just 32 percent get two servings of fruit. Less than 1 in 10 get enough of both combined. Wow. Add this to the fact that kids are averaging about seven hours a day of screen time (TV, video games, computer, etc.) and we have the makings of a very healthy generation ready to take over and bankrupt any healthcare system we may create. We forget that there needs to be some personal responsibility in taking care of our own health so that we don't need medicines, doctors, etc. That fact has seemed to be glossed over in all this debate. Well, back to the office to treat patients. How do you treat scurvy again?


Anonymous said...

Since Ronald Reagan declared catsup a vegetable, if you dump a bottle of catsup on your super-size fries, wouldn't that count as 2 servings of vegetables?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...personal responsibility? What's that? Certainly you can't mean that its my fault I'm 5'8', 280 pounds and like jelly doughnuts while I text my BFF's on facebook for 6 hours a day? I should get the insurance company to pay for gastric bypass so I don't have to work out, or for a "Hoveround" when I hit 300lbs so I don't have to walk to the bathroom.