Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pneumonia and Anemia

I am always amazed when the media does their thing on celebrities and yet misses a bigger point. This article about Brittany Murphy's husband blowing through their money before dying himself is a prime example. Here is what is casually mentioned:

Simon Monjack, was squandering the late movie star's fortune just before his own sudden death from pneumonia and anemia, which also caused Murphey's untimely passing, in May.

Let me get this straight, two young and supposedly healthy adults die from the same thing? And that illness is a combination of pneumonia and anemia? Any other physicians out there buying this BS?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Recently, I heard they were claiming there was a 'mold' issue in the home that may have caused the death.. NOW, that is stretching it don't u think? LOL...Kind of how Travolta was claiming his son's death was due to carpet cleaning chemicals!, which proved to be false...Then again Travolta is a loony Christian Science.

Pat said...

The real tragedy here is that Murphy was the voice of "Luanne" on King of the Hill, my hero and paragon of wisdom. He helped Luanne deal with emotional trauma by pushing it deep into her stomach, and dealt with cholesterol noting: "My boss Mr Strickland has a bypass every year and he eats all the damn steak he wants."
RIP least you didn't linger long enough to get mold-induced fibromyalgia.

Doc Adam said...

Cleary, classic cases of hantavirus, which, I think, is endemic in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

I still remember hearing CNN, NBC news, and The New York Times repeating Flo Jo's family's statement that she had died of "a heart seizure."

Strangely, not one of their "medical consultants" said a word about this. Not even Sanjay Gupta.

Anonymous said...

Another thing that can tick your doctor off, Come to see them for a consult that has no merit. Example-patient came in with complaint of cramps before her periods aren't going away on the generic oral cantraceptive prescribed to her. When asked how long had she been on the OCP she stated only a week, had been given to her the previous week at another clinic. She had only been on the pills for a week and her cycle hadn't stated yet, so no pain now. Why did this woman come into my office and waste my time.

debbie fisher said...

Ways to tick your doctor off:
1. Ask him to wait just a second while you finish reading the last paragraph of your romance novel.
2. Eat garlic and onion for lunch. Keeps the doc on her toes.
3. Change the baby's diaper and leave it open in the waste basket.
4. When asked to keep a food diary, be creative. I mean how much different is a Big Mac than a turkey sandwich?
5. Do not know the actual names of your body parts. As I overheard in the doctor's office, "I have a rash on my virginia." Did she mean West Virginia or plain old Virginia. And since West Virginia is almost Heaven according to John Denver, is it still true that Virginia is for lovers?
6. Need babysitting, no problem. I am sure that the nurses have time to keep your kids amused while you have your pelvic exam. Yell alot through the door. Helps set the mood.
7. If you don't speak English, do not worry about an interpreter. Maybe the janitor can speak about your swollen whatever.
8. Bring in articles from magazines, off the web, or neighborly advice to diagnose your own symptoms. Geesh, what'd he do, go to medical school or something?
9. Talk or text something very funny while the doctor makes his exam. Keeps you busy while he does his thing. Also allow the doctor in on the conversation. He will love you for it.
10. Need to vomit? Why worry about even trying to make it to the trash can or bathroom? Just let it fly...then they can really see that you are indeed sick. No, really sick. Don't worry about the clean up. Isn't that what nurses are supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

just call for that lortab refill earlier than contracted, the later in the evening, the better.