Wednesday, September 1, 2010

E Tu, Brute?

Here is a story about where NOT to have your baby. Two doctors in Italy got into a fistfight about whether to do a C-section on a delivering mom. While these idiots continued their battle bad things happened to the mom and baby. This whole story is just terrible but the following paragraph was just as disturbing:

Fazio said the incident also raised questions about the increasing intermingling of private doctors working in public hospitals; in this case one of the dueling doctors was Salpietro's private gynecologist who cared for her during her pregnancy while the other was the doctor on duty at the hospital.

It just makes you wonder about our future a little, doesn't it?


Stacey @ Entropified said...

Oh, boy. I hadn't even thought about that implication.

Sir Lance-a-lot said...

Please, Doug, don't mislead readers about the nature of a beautiful and extremely civilized country.

This happened in Messina, in Sicily, which, as any Italian or Sicilian will forcefully tell you is NOT a part of Italy.

Italian doctors might argue over this, might even argue over the patient (under a local) during the section, might even continue the argument for another twenty years, but they would not come to blows, and would not delay the surgery, not even in Napoli (okay, maybe in Napoli).


The Crap Blog Detective said...

Makes us wonder about our future? Why? We're already born. It's the future of the unborn you should wonder about.

Pat said...

Gang we should bet our bottom deflating dollar that as the numerical balance tilts toward "government docs", resentments will build. When the GD's continue to see diminishing pay and increasing burdens relative to their non-subservient colleagues, expect their envy to make them more hostile. GD's in hospitals themselves so JCAHO-flogged that they will easily manipulate or deny privileges; private clinics seen to be too profitable might be subject to extra inspections prompted by anonymous tips; how easy to imagine a GD himself in trouble, copping a plea in order to help the government take another doc down? Are you laughing at what should be obvious paranoia? I'm not.