Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cheers to the Pill Mill Arrests

Twenty-two people, including pharmacists and doctors, were arrested in Florida recently in an operation by federal and local authorities to shut down the "pill mill" pain clinics, prescription forgery rings and illegal online pharmacies.  Finally.  So far there have been 118 arrests, seizures of more than $19 million in assets and the closure of at least 40 Florida pain clinics.  It is about time.  Now let's forget about the increased mandates for doctor education about narcotics and just continue to smoke out these lowlifes.  Cheers to a rare government action that has gone right. 


Dr Adjoa said...

It's a bout time to crack down on these pain drug pushers!

dental care charlotte said...

I agree. I'm glad some progress is being made in this area. Thanks for posting!