Monday, October 3, 2011

Play the ICD Game

The 10th revision of the ICD (International Classification of Diseases) codes is coming out in about a year.  This may be the wafer that explodes the fat guy (Monty Python reference) and pushes more docs to quit, retire or leave Medicare/Medicaid than anything else.  Going from 18,000 codes to 140,000 is seemingly impossible but not for our administrators/government.  Why do this?  This is done to industrialize medicine even more and break patients down into numbers and not people.  How can we have fun with it?  Well, it seems the Wall Street Journal has done it for us.  Go to this link and just start putting in terms.  You will find codes for EVERYTHING.  I found 9 codes related to turtle encounters and bites.  Enjoy and then come to the realization, like I did, that the people running our healthcare system are absolute f*cking morons. 


Anonymous said...

Check out Check out S3125XA (open bite to the penis, initial encounter--who would have a subsequent encounter?) and T63122A, Toxic effect of venom of other venomous lizard, intentional self-harm, initial encounter.

Also, you can apparently be struck, assaulted or have had "other contact" with lizards.


Carol Blackburn said...

I tried to find a code for "encounter with a f*@king moron" but there was none. I know it's not funny but thanks for the laugh.

GHD said...

No, I think the CPT books are created by the AMA if I am not mistaken. In fact, they get lots of money for selling these copyrighted works.

Christopher said...

I dread seeing how this transmogrification is going to bog down my EMR (as well as probably the additional "fees" that will charged for this "update" (from hell)), not to mention my staff and me (does it really matter which damn ear the infection was in?).

If greatly feat this new set of codes will be used by 3rd party payers with wreckless glee over the next decade to screw us with denials and takebacks and delays in processing claims (for you know how long it takes them to "load" things into the computers, Watson be damned-since apparently all their other computers still run on punch cards and vacuum tubes)

Scribe said...

I look back on my 35 years in the medical professions and can only shake my head. For all of those years I heard doctors on the family practice level who wanted more and more government intervention in what they did (Medicare, Medicaid) and once Big Government got its foot in the door they became its slave.

I wonder if those folk who wore the white coats handed out on the Rose Garden lawn are still happy with the bill they helped pass "without knowing what was in it."

Anonymous said...


V9107XD Burn due to water-skis on fire, subsequent encounter

This is outragious I would have thought by now we would have laws making water skis fireproof

Anonymous said...

T65833D Toxic effect of fiberglass, assault, subsequent encounter

ROFL, whoever made up this stuff must have stayed up nights thinking this up, somebody please tell me that this is a Monty Python or Firesign Theater skit

David Lubin, MD said...

My favorite in the ICD-9 book is an injury received by being sucked into a jet...REALLY? REALLY!! E844